Muddy Obstacle Runs and Inhalers

Good morning!

I had a great question sent to me by a reader and wanted to put it out to you all to see if you could help her.

Liz wants to run a muddy obstacle race. She is wondering how to carry her inhaler, which she will need with her at all times. This type of race provides different challenges than just a road race. She will need for the inhaler to be protected from mud and water, as well as for it to stay out of her way on the obstacles.

I’ve never done a Tough Mudder but I have much respect for those who have. I’ve only done 5Ks and a Stair Climb that I loved/hated, so I don’t have personal experience with this one.

After some online research, I found some helpful discussions on Some ideas were to wear running shorts or skirts with pockets in the waist. It seems like it might poke at you but it could work. Also, some people use armbands to carry inhalers instead of phones. There are also runner’s belts that people use to carry gear like this one:


Apparently, runners do use these on the Tough Mudder. I would still put the inhaler in a snack-sized plastic bag to protect it.

I wonder if a YOLO phone case would work? Paddle boarders use them for their phones and they are waterproof. Maybe you could wear it crossbody-style to keep it out of your way? I bought one from a YOLO store at the beach, but there are probably other brands you could find if you are not near a YOLO store.


If anyone has any ideas for Liz, please leave a comment for her and anyone else planning to run a muddy obstacle race. Best of luck, Liz! Thanks for giving me a great topic to post on today and for inspiring all athletes who are beating asthma.