Daily Antihistamines and Fatigue

What daily antihistamine works best for you or your athlete?

I’ve learned that everyone has a favorite or a least favorite. I’ve been advised by my doctor to switch it up if you’re on one year-round. I use Allegra during problem times (spring and fall) and have used either Claritin or Zyrtec during summer and winter. I don’t feel like Claritin does that much and Zyrtec definitely makes me more tired, but it works. Allegra seems to be the most effective and least fatigue-inducing.

Fatigue is definitely a side effect of allergies and asthma. The days before I notice having breathing issues, I get so tired — to-my-bones kind of tired. I hate being tired, especially when I’m trying to be sporty. It’s more than just end-of-the-day tired. It’s all encompassing and you just want to go to sleep. That’s usually how I know I”m about to have breathing issues. So to use a daily antihistamine that adds to the tired is not good for me.

The best bet is to be sure you and your athlete are getting to bed at a decent time. That is often easier said than done, with sports practices, games, and homework contributing to many late nights. Sometimes I schedule in some down time on the weekends, which can be challenging, but we all need to chill out and let our bodies and minds have a break. Drinking lots of water helps keep your airways clear and helps detox the body, which also will help to maintain energy levels. I am not a huge fan of drinking water, especially in cold weather, so I have started drinking a mixture of 1 part Gatorade to 3 parts water. I don’t like straight Gatorade and don’t want all of the calories, but just that little bit of flavor helps me drink more water and less caffeine during the day. Your athlete might like that mixture as well…I really think I should market it! I’m a Georgia Bulldog so I wouldn’t call it Gator Water…maybe Gator Hater Water? 🙂 Whatever you call it and whoever you root for, it’s delicious, hydrating, and healthy.

Here’s to staying hydrated this winter and fighting that medicine-related fatigue! Stay tough, athletes! Spring is not that far away…


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